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Leadership isn't just about titles – it's about making a lasting impact.

Welcome to Voices of Leadership the podcast that shines a spotlight on the remarkable women of the International Women’s Forum.


Everyone is Invited.

We are excited to extend an invitation to each member of the Waterloo Chapter to join us as a guest on our podcast.


Our goal is to bring a voice to the various experiences, backgrounds, areas of expertise, generations, and perspectives within the Waterloo Chapter of IWF Canada. 


Let’s Have a Conversation!

If you're ready to join us, we've made it easy for you to schedule your interview. Simply click here to access our booking calendar and select a date and time that suits your schedule. 


We Want to Talk to All of You.

Each episode will be a conversation where we have the opportunity to hear your stories and listen to your insights, wisdom and experiences.


The podcast is a meeting place where we bring our members together to share their stories with each other and with the next generation of women leaders.

How It Works.

The podcast format is interview style and our goal is to just have a conversation. We will provide you with questions and topics prior to your interview. Our studio is located in Waterloo so we can record your interview in person. However, we also can record remotely if that works better for you.


The Voices of Leadership podcast is a medium that will bring our community together and provide members with the opportunity to get to know their fellow IWF members on their own time.


If you have any questions please let us know. We are looking forward to talking with all the members of the IWF Waterloo Chapter!


Amy Schlueter

Producer + Host

Voice of Leadership Podcast

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