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NAFTA Explained With Markers

One of my favourite methods of communication is ‘Whiteboard Animation’. It’s an interesting way to get a in depth message across and still hold the viewer’s attention. I am still searching for a way to incorporate ‘Whiteboard Animation’ into our marketing plan. While perfect topic still eludes me, I am always looking to share interesting ‘Whiteboard Animation’ that other people have created.

A hot topic in today’s new is NAFTA. This morning, Patrick Gillespie (@CNNMoneyInvest) posted an article titled Trump slaps first tariffs on Canadian Lumber. It included a video that provides an explanation using ‘Whiteboard Animation’.

It is a great re-fresher or introduction to the topic and it provides an excellent explanation as to why we shouldn’t assume NAFTA is an inflammatory issue that needs to be completely revised. Let’s understand the wheel before we try and reinvent it.

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