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What is Facet5?

Facet5 helps you discover the power of your personality.

Created by Norman Buckley and known as a ‘Big 5’ personality model, it allows you to understand how people differ in their behaviour, motivation, attitudes, and aspirations.

The 'Big 5' theory is, as generally agreed on by scientists, the suggestion that there are 5 elements that are core to understanding a person's personality. These are essentially the building blocks of our personality. The fact that we have these 5 elements in common is what makes us similar and the fact that we have them each in varying degrees is what makes us different.

What is personality?

Your personality is really just your typical patterns of thinking, feeling and acting. remember, personality traits are fundamentally enduring and consistent. These enduring behavioural characteristics are what each of us can be compared and contrasted to one another.

Facet5 helps people at any age and at any point in their life understand their behaviour and more importantly, discover what can be achieved with that understanding.

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